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Meeting rooms and capacity

You will find our meeting rooms on 3 different locations at our park: Grand Hotel Amstelveen, Partycenter de Kegel and Bistro Nice! These locations are on 1-2 minutes walking distance from eachother.

At Grand Hotel Amstelveen: De Moerbei
50 m2 | # 10 - 40 persons
is our youngest meeting room, in use since the summer of 2015. The room is bright and modern and is located on the ground floor in Grand Hotel Amstelveen, adjacent to the terrace.

At Grand Hotel Amstelveen: De Tuinzaal
150 m2 | # 10 - 80 persons
In this room on the ground floor breakfast is served, but from 12:00 it can be transformed into a trendy meeting room. The bright meeting room is a fine location for a business meeting and lunch.

At Bistro Nice!: Nice! zaal
180 m2 | # 10 - 120 persons
Located on the first floor above Bistro Nice! The room is completely renovated in August 2016. The Nice! zaal is an attractive room with a well-stocked bar and a private toilet group. All possible events can take place here. In short an ideal setting for a presentation, meeting or meeting. The room can be made smaller with a curtain to suit smaller groups.

At Partycenter de Kegel: De Serre
140 m2 | # 10 - 80 persons
This room on the ground floor has lots of light and thereby a calm appearance. An ideal location for meetings, presentations and workshops. Besides all the modern meeting facilities there is also a flat screen tv in this room.

At Partycenter de Kegel: De Nis
30 m2 | # 2 - 20 persons
De Nis is our smallest meeting room, located on the ground floor in Partycenter De Kegel. The room has a classic look, but is equipped with almost all modern facilities. There is a big table in the room, suitable for a boardroom set-up for up to 10 people. In a theatre style, up to 20 people fit in the room.

At Partycenter de Kegel: De Amstelzaal
220 m2 | # 10 - 140 persons
Located on the first floor in Partycenter De Kegel you will find the universal Amstelzaal. The room has a dance floor and bar excellent for party nights, but is also a great setting for presentations or meetings for larger groups. The room has a private cloakroom and a private toilet group.

Capacity and room set-up

Venue Surface Height Boardroom U-shape Square Theater Cabaret School
De Nis 30 m2 3 m 10 - - 20 - -
De Serre 145 m2 3.5 m 40 30 30 80 54 26
Nice! zaal* 180 m2 3 m 54 50 54 120 80 44
De Amstelzaal 220 m2 3 m 60 40 50 140 52 26
De Moerbei 50 m2 3 m 24 24 30 40 24 16
De Tuinzaal ** 150 m2 3 m 30 30 30 100 62 38

* The Nice! zaal can be made smaller to about 80 m2.
** De Tuinzaal is daily available from 12:00 hrs.

Please contact us +31(0)20 645 55 57 or send us an email for a (totally free) costum offer including catering, or reserve one of our meeting packages.