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Meeting & Events

Meetings and gatherings may continue until 6pm, unless they are necessary for the exercise of a profession, which are also allowed in the evening, but without catering.

Grand Hotel Amstelveen is due to its central location and ample free parking also the ideal location for meetings. We offer various meeting rooms. 

When reserving a meeting room, you can let us know what your needs are, so we can (for example) organize a lunch during the meeting or a drink or dinner afterwards.

You will find our rooms at 4 different locations on our park: Grand Hotel Amstelveen, Party Center de Kegel, Bistro Nice!  and National Tennis Center de Kegel. These locations are on 1 to 2 minutes walking distance of each other.

Grand Hotel Amstelveen:
De Moerbei # 10 - 40 persons
De Tuinzaal # 10 - 80 persons

Bistro Nice!
Nice! zaal # 10 - 120 persons

Party Center de Kegel:
De Serre # 10 - 80 persons
De Nis # 2 - 20 persons
Amstelzaal # 10 - 140 persons

National Tennis Center de Kegel:
Wimbledon # 10 - 100 persons
Roland Garros # 10 - 100 persons

Please contact us by:
Phone: +31(0)20 - 645 55 58