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Thank you for visiting our website. You are currently visiting the website of GRAND HOTEL AMSTELVEEN.
Our visitor's address is: Bovenkerkerweg 81, 1187 XC Amstelveen.
Our postal address is: PO Box 2204, 1180 EE Amstelveen.
T: 020-645 55 58, E: info@grandhotelamstelveen.nl
Chamber of Commerce number: 341 16 577
VAT number: NL808118286B01
IBAN: NL13 RABO 0149 4222 10
Every time you visit our website, our web server automatically recognizes your IP address.
What happens to personal data?
This information is used:
* For you to make reservation requests quickly, easily, safely and 24 hours / 7 days a week.
* To contact you later for information.
* To give you announcements regarding your possible reservations.
The information is only used internally and is not passed on to other organizations for commercial purposes.

Access to personal information
Upon request, we grant visitors to our site access to all information that we keep of them. If you wish to access this information, please contact us at the above address. Upon request, we offer visitors to our site the opportunity to correct any inaccurate information that we maintain about them. If you wish to improve your personal details, please contact us at the above address.
Grandhotelamstelveen.com & the use of cookies
We use cookies on these sites (a cookie is a small file that is sent by an internet server and installs itself on the hard disk of your computer.) This file keeps track of the visited internet site and contains a number of details about this visit) .
We try to offer our visitors an advanced and user-friendly website that automatically adapts to their needs and wishes. To achieve this, our website uses the following types of cookies:

* Technical cookies: We use technical cookies to show you our website, to make the website function correctly, to create your user account, to let you log in and to manage your reservations. These technical cookies are absolutely necessary for our website to function properly.
* Functional cookies: We also use functional cookies to remember your personal preferences and to help you use the website effectively and efficiently, for example remembering your preferred language and currency, your search history and the accommodations you have previously viewed. These functional cookies are not strictly necessary for the website to function properly, but they add functionality and improve your user experience.
* Analytical cookies: We use these cookies to understand how our visitors use the website, to find out what works and what does not, to optimize and improve the website and to make sure that we are still interesting and relevant. The information we collect is which web pages you have visited, which forward and exit pages have visited and left, which platform type you used, your date and time format, and details such as the number of clicks you make on a particular page, your mouse movements and scroll movements, the keywords you use and the text you type while using our website.
* Marketing cookies
Are not necessary but useful for following visitors when they visit different websites. This way, information, mailings and advertisements can be displayed that suit you.
Data transfer and security
When we transfer or receive your data on our website, we always use the encryption technologies that are recognized as accepted standards within the IT sector.
We have implemented the necessary security measures to prevent the loss, unauthorized use or modification of information that we receive on our site.

Despite the care and attention paid to the management of this website, it is possible that the site contains incorrect information. Grand Hotel Amstelveen cannot be held responsible for technical or editorial errors that occur in this website, nor for any consequential damage resulting from the use or the temporary unavailability of this website or the links to the websites of third parties.

How do you contact us in connection with our privacy policy?
If you wish to respond to our privacy policy, please contact us:

About contact by email
If you do not wish to receive e-mails from our company in the future, please contact us at the above-mentioned e-mail address. We work entirely according to the Privacy legislation; an unsubscribe procedure is included in every email.

In Route and contact, fill in the contact form at grandhotelamstelveen.nl for all your questions. We try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

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