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Restaurants Amstelveen

Tips from Team Grand Hotel Amstelveen!
We have listed several restaurants in the area for you. These are restaurants where employees of Grand Hotel Amstelveen sometimes go to eat themselves. Of course, everyone's taste is personal.

If you want to see the opinion of more people, look at the reviews left by other guests on the website of the relevant restaurant.

Restaurant NTC

NTC (National Tennis Center Amstelveen)

1 min. lopen

Restaurant Fussia

All-you-can-eat Sushi, Grill en Wok

2 min. car/ 10 min. walk

Restaurant Colijn

Beautiful dishes with fresh ingredients

4 min. car/29 min. walk

Restaurant Silversant

Most famous eatery in Amstelveen

5 min car/ 34 min walk

Restaurant Veri Sapori

Italian Restaurant

5 min. car/ 35 min. walk

Restaurant Buenos Aires

Argentinian Grill Restaurant

8 min car/ 40 min walk