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Discover 24H Amstelveen

24H Aveen-2

Back to 1993!

Put on your colored stockings and let yourself be sucked back in time when a beer was 2.19 guilders!

Do you remember? What was there to do in 1993?
The shuffleboard was in the attic and outside you could play Jeu de Bouls with the neighborhood children.
Come and experience this time again at Grand Hotel Amstelveen.

During 24H Amstelveen you are welcome between 6 and 10 p.m. at Grand Hotel Amstelveen on Bovenkerkerweg 81, to take on old fellow OER dutch games against your fellow city mates (and us).
Do you dare? See you then!
  What do we do?
- Pooping with a nail
- Bite for some cookies
- Puncture Koen de Ezel
- Walk with some eggs
And all this under the nice tunes of DJ Niels
  Ps. That beer is of course also given for the price from 1993 😊

Watch the entire program in Amstelveen on May 25, 2019.
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